Kink Wax Candle Play 101

For those just getting started in the kink and BDSM world, there’s a lot to learn about self and partner pleasure. Luckily, we’ve compiled our best kink wax candle play 101 tips for easing into kink wax candle play. 

Keep reading to learn more about the best low temp wax play candles and which are best for kink and massage purposes.

Basics of Kink Wax Candle Play

Kink wax candle play is a kind of sensation play that enhances some senses while others get deprived. In this case, you’re engaging in a controlled, consensual, and safe environment where slight pain (the heat) enhances your sense of touch. 

There are both massage oil candles and kink wax play candles to choose from. They have slightly different purposes. For example, wax play candles tend to be more common for BDSM sessions since they induce more pain than massage oil candles do.

Paraffin and beeswax are good choices for those more experienced in BDSM since they get up to higher temperatures. Conversely, massage oil candles like this one are ideal for low temp wax play candles. 

One of the reasons that candle wax works so well for pleasure is that their temperature safely warms and relaxes you. The aroma of kink wax candles is the other element that helps to create a sensual environment. 

Kink wax candle play is pretty simple to do. Simply light your candle wick and wait for it to begin melting. Once it does, you can drip the oils onto the skin of your partner(s) or your own skin. 

Here are the basic things you should know about getting started with kink candles:

  • Confirm verbal consent with your partner(s) before starting
  • Safeguard your environment against the possibility of fire since you’ll be using a flame
  • Cover the bed or floor with a spare towel to collect dripping wax
  • Opt for soy wax at first since it’s the safest and cools the fastest
  • Try testing the heat of the wax with your fingertip before pouring it directly on skin
  • Don’t pour hot wax near the eyes

Kink Wax Candle Play 101 – Best Wax for Wax Play

The best wax for wax play depends on the level of BDSM or kink you want to engage in. All sexual partners involved should discuss and consent on a wax intensity before beginning. Based on the wax types (soy, beeswax, paraffin) and their intensities, you can choose how much pain brings you pleasure via trial and error.

Kink Wax Candle Play 101 – The Best Kinky Candle Wax Candles Safe for Wax Play

We recommend the following BDSM and kink candles because they’re safe and perfect for beginner’s bondage and kink sessions:

Fetish Fantasy Beginners Bondage Set Black

This Kinky Hut beginner bondage set includes a blindfold, cuffs, ties, and of course, two kink candles. It’s a great option for those who want to dabble in BDSM before fully diving in. 

Japanese Drip Candles – Pack of 3

Another great choice is Japanese drip candles, which are perfect for pleasure and pain sex play. We recommend graduating to these kink candles after you’ve found your footing in wax play. 

Kink Wax Candle Play 101 – Final Thoughts

Beginners in the BDSM and kink worlds can find a lot of pleasure in kink wax candle play. Have fun, be safe, and keep these kink wax candle play 101 tips in mind as you delve into your own painful pleasures.



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