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In a world where social media is all consuming and many spend copious amounts of time on it, why not monetise on that with an OnlyFans account?  OnlyFans reported a 75 percent increase in signups, with 150,000 new users creating accounts daily. The user must find a balance between establishing a high enough subscription fee to actually make money without scaring off potential customers.

The popularity of OnlyFans is only growing more and more, and this has allowed some creators to use their popularity on the site to do good for the world. During coronavirus Covid-19, OnlyFans creator Blac Chyna Farrah Abraham, Jem Wolfie, Tana Mongeau, Alexis Texas, Kerry Katona, Erica Mena & more!  offered nude photographs in exchange for proof of donations exceeding $10 to charities assisting in the coronavirus Covid-19 Relief, a campaign said to have raised more than $10,000,000. This shows how powerful social media can be in raising funds and awareness for causes what’s your cause. Yet it is clear that without an OnlyFans / Kinky Hut Starter following this wouldn’t have been possible.

Don’ts & Do’s of OnlyFans

  •  Don’t put pressure – You are still watching feeds of real women, not robots. So we do things as you do- as client. We have the same 24 hours as you do, and we have our own rhythm to process your requests. Even when scheduling something, such as a Skype meeting, unexpected can interfere – and there can be delays.
  • Tips = obligation to do what is requested. – Many of you have the wrong that if you got the money, you get everything you want. If she/he list an amount for an item or a thing I do in the chat/private area, then that’s what I do. Just that. If you tip for a flash, and then you ask a flash in “doggy” then you still get just a flash.
  • All Kinky Girl do nudity – Not everyone is comfortable with being nude in front of others, that is why not everyone is in the industry  I met successful girls that never got their bra off on broadcast and still made a good living out of it. Blame it on insecurities, on culture, on beliefs, whatever- but in my opinion, it’s a matter of choice. 
  • Never trash talk a model/client. – You can’t define another person, through your personal experience with that person. I believe we all have a good soul, what makes us act bad toward each other is a moment of anger, a bad day or a situation that messed us up. Never trash talk anyone.
  • Don’t expect to be remembered – Accurate for both models, and clients. Unless you established a bond, a friendship or a relationship that’s build on trust, respect and caring, don’t expect to be remembered – I can’t remember you if you said ”hi” 5 years ago – unless you meant something in my life, or you were there with me for the journey.

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