Gentleman Dom without Penetration

Where do I begin…is the question because I know where I ended, in Ecstasy! I had the most pleasurable time, that I didn’t even know I needed. Arriving to a day party and shaking hands “hello” with a man I’d only known by name at the time turned out to be the night I’ll never forget. We partied, exchanged few words. and then were gently escorted out by hand, a beautiful woman on each side. This man leads us out as if he was the only man standing in a crowd of strangers. Everyone could sense the energy, even though nothing at this moment had been discussed. We headed to eat; dinner became intriguing as I sat across the table and watched the two naturally engage with one another. When he grabbed her neck, (I knew then something was bound to happen). It was the freedom that was the turn on for me. Immediately we left the restaurant to head to the hotel. Taking turns in the shower…naked bodies began getting into the sheets. I’d had a convo with Mistress about what I wanted, she assured me to just ask, and he’ll oblige, BOY DID HE! This man walked over to my bed, stood over me and in his deep baritone voice asked, “what do you want”? I was wet instantly! My response: I want my body to be pleasured, but without penetration. He listened VERY well. A gentle, yet manly touch, caress and licking all over me. Tantalizing whips, denying me my initial orgasm, and not allowing me to grab him, turned me on in ways I’ve never experienced. But when he was ready to give it to me, he whispered “you can release it now” he coaxed that creamy love out of me and I could have just gone to sleep right there! Nirvana!!! The rest of the night, watching him pleasure and fuck in the bed right next to me was the best thing I’ve ever seen with my own eyes, and a first for me. I joined them for play and ended up on my knees being fondled in such a way that still has my pussy wet days later. He’s insatiable and ravaged anything he touched. I’m turned on right now, as I type… the best part about the evening: I got exactly what I came for, and what my body needed!

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